Sleep Apnea: Learning How To Breathe Easy!

There are millions of people who suffer from sleep apnea. There are a number of causes, and it can lead to serious health problems. Sleep apnea is a serious condition; you and the loved one you sleep with cannot simply ignore the problem and expect it to resolve itself. Read on to gain more useful information.

If your sleep apnea is the result of narrow airways, try using a mouth guard when you sleep. These devices are designed to correct your airways and allow you to breathe properly during the night. It’s best to see a medical professional to get fitted properly for a guard that will fit your individual situation.

Try to sleep on your side instead of your back to breathe easier when you sleep. When lying on your back, your throat and nasal passages can obstruct your airways. Try to fall asleep on your side instead and use a pillow if needed. It may relieve some symptoms.

Do you smoke or sometimes drink? Quit these terrible habits. Using these vices can harm your airways. Smoking and alcohol combined can definitely cause sleep apnea. Avoid second-hand smoke and do not drink immediately before going to bed.

Avoid relying on sleeping pills. In the same way that alcohol does, sleeping pills over-relax throat muscles. They may also have other negative effects as well. Ask your doctor about sleeping aids that won’t have a negative impact on your breathing.

Believe it or not, wind instruments can help you deal with your sleep apnea. Research in Germany has shown that playing an instrument called the didgeridoo can train the muscles in your upper airways and strengthen them. These muscles are the key to dilation of the air passage and proper breathing as we sleep. Because of these movements, if you play this instrument regularly, you can control your sleep apnea symptoms and get a better night’s rest.

When you have sleep apnea you can find out about it from tests your doctor will run. Your doctor might also choose to study you while you sleep. After studying this information, your doctor may send you to a specialist if necessary.

Sleep apnea can be present in children. You can usually notice a child with sleep apnea when they are hyperactive, inattentive, hostile, irritable and see them continuously breathing through their mouth. These symptoms can be similar to those of ADHD, so consult a doctor and consider both conditions.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and you use a CPAP, carry your medical ID. If you ever need medical attention in an emergency, it is critical that healthcare providers know that you have this condition and use that machine. The ID must say that you have apnea, use a CPAP machine, and specify what pressure the machine is set at.

Try to sleep on your sides to keep sleep apnea from ruining your sleep. Sleeping on your back can block your airway. If you can get to sleep lying on your side (and stay that way through the night), you may well experience a much less trouble night.

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To help diagnose your sleep apnea, your doctor may ask you to keep a sleep log. The intent is for you to record both the overall amount of sleep you get and any unusual symptoms or incidents that occur. Your partner can tell you if you snore loudly, quit breathing or jerk your limbs. That helps the physician determine whether your symptoms are, in fact, sleep apnea.

If you are going to be traveling and you have sleep apnea, you need to remember to take your CPAP with you. When you are dealing with sleep apnea, the CPAP machine should be used every single night. Most CPAP machines come with a travel bag designed for just this purpose. This can be used to transport the CPAP machine simply when not at home.

One sure-fire way to combat the problems posed by sleep apnea is proper weight management. Symptoms of sleep apnea are completely resolved by many once they drop a few pounds. Even a little weight loss can improve the symptoms of sleep apnea and cause the airways and throat to open up more.

Sleep apnea sufferers should treat their allergies promptly. Because you already suffer, this should at least alleviate one of many sleep problems. Additional swelling in the airways and extra mucus will make sleep apnea worse. Try and clear your airways as much as possible, and keep your nasal problems to a minimum.

You can lessen the sleep apnea symptoms you are experiencing. Some risks are inherent, such as family history or being male. Being overweight, drinking, smoking and weak throat muscles can all bring on sleep apnea.

You might want to look into anti-snoring devices. Snoring occurs when air passages are almost closed, while sleep apnea occurs when air passages are completely closed. A device that can eliminate snoring can also relieve sleep apnea. Use an anti-snoring device when you sleep.

Your physician is the only one who can really diagnose sleep apnea in you for sure, but there are things you can do on your own to manage and combat the condition once you know. Dropping weight or dropping cigarettes are good ideas; more so for victims of sleep apnea. Keep the last two hours before bed free of heavy meals, caffeinated beverages or alcoholic beverages.

Lessen your chances of getting sleep apnea. Some of these are unavoidable, like gender or genetics. Some other risk factors should be changed, such as drinking too much, smoking or weighing too much.

Sleep apnea never just disappears of its own free will; you have to do something about it. Each patient is different and what works for one person may not work for another. For some, weight loss can help, but even slender people can suffer from sleep apnea. CPAP machines are considered non-invasive, and many people use them successfully. Some prefer surgery when dealing with sleep apnea. Whatever you do, it will help.

Play wind instruments. It exercises your throat muscles and strengthens your lungs while stimulating your mind and providing relaxation. When you’re using these instruments, you end up strengthening the muscles which can aid you while sleeping, minimizing the sleep apnea symptoms.

Exercising the smooth muscles of your throat may reduce sleep apnea symptoms. Just as exercises help to strengthen muscles in other parts of your body, these oral exercises will help strengthen your tongue and throat muscles for a better night’s sleep. One example is to hold your tongue against the top of your mouth for three minutes. Practice this technique at least once daily.

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If you believe that you’re suffering from sleep apnea, it would be wise to talk to ask your doctor to give you a sleep test. A sleep study will diagnose the source of the problem so that you can get the right treatment for it. There are a variety of options out there to treat your specific situation, and it is vital that you take all levels of sleep apnea seriously.

You should not be embarrassed of your diagnosis or your CPAP machine. Be forthright about your need for it, and don’t worry about having to use it around other people. Keep in mind that using your CPAP machine is in your best interest, and if anyone makes fun of you, you should probably find better friends.

It is important to get a diagnosis of sleep apnea from your doctor so that you can get appropriate treatment. You want to know what is up so you know how to go about getting better sleep. Let your physician know about everything that has transpired, find out what is causing it, and immediately take the necessary action.

How you position yourself when you lay down for bed can contribute to your issues with sleep apnea. This is why it’s crucial to sleep properly. Attempt to use pillows or foam wedges to help you stay in a good position to sleep in. An even better idea is to lift the top part of the bed by about four inches, if you can.

Sleep apnea causes a reduction of oxygen to your system while you are sleeping. As such, higher elevations can be a disaster for a sleep apnea sufferer. As oxygen levels decrease at higher elevations, this would seem to affect the sufferer of sleep apnea. If it is possible to avoid sleeping at an elevated height, it would be prudent to do so.

You aren’t always going to be aware of your sleep apnea. If you happen to feel sleepy, tired and exhausted all the time, then it’s best that you consult with a doctor. These symptoms are indicative of sleep apnea, even when you do not know how many times you wake up at night gasping for air.

Minimize alcohol use, particularly before bedtime. Alcohol only makes the problems of sleep apnea much worse. Your central nervous system depresses, which could cause your sleep apnea to prevent you from breathing. The effect this has can be extremely harmful or even flat-out life-threatening.

Oral appliances designed to encourage proper jaw position can help treat many sleep apnea cases. A person’s anatomy may be such that they naturally have a narrow jaw and airway. These devices realign the jaw much the same way that braces do the teeth.

If your sleep apnea is caused by excess tissue in your throat and airway, surgery may be required to remove it. A surgeon then goes in and removes some of the tissue, which helps clear the airway, making breathing easier at night. Keep in mind that a tonsillectomy is usually part of this procedure.

A large number of sleep apnea sufferers sleep on their backs. If you sleep on your back, you might rethink doing that. Sleeping on your sides helps keep your airways straight, which reduces apnea during sleep.

A mouth guard can really improve your sleep apnea! You can get plastic mouth guards for cheap these days, and they are worth the investment. The setting of your jaw can contribute to the symptoms of your sleep apnea and actually make the condition worse.

If you have been diagnosed with a condition called sleep apnea, it is best to stay in contact with your doctor. The physician can keep you abreast with regard to suggestions that may ease the condition’s difficulties. Anytime you want to try a newer treatment method, consult your physician beforehand to be sure it is safe and appropriate. Also meet up with them afterward to review effectiveness.

If you have sleep apnea try taking a cat nap during the day. You can have a hard time functioning during the day if you are sleep deprived, not to mention the toll it takes on your overall health. If at all possible, grab a nap in the afternoon to increase the total hours of quality rest you get in a day.

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Think about getting a mouth guard. Depending on the shape of your mouth, you will likely need a dentist to make you a mouth guard that is custom fit. You can help align your jaw properly during sleep, which can make it easier for your body to get breath while you sleep.

The preceding paragraphs were full of useful information, both for yourself and to share with others. No matter how hard you try, you can’t ignore sleep apnea. This information can be shared with others to educate them about sleep apnea.

Exercising the muscles in your throat can ameliorate sleep apnea. Exercises help tone your muscles all over your body, and the same thing is true for your tongue and throat. This is great for keeping your muscles from being too lax while you sleep and blocking your airway. You could sing, hum, do silly faces, or even play an instrument. Almost any exercise that uses your throat muscles can help to build a stronger airway which leads to better breathing as you sleep.

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